"I Don't Fight, I Bite!" Flysnap's catchphrase.

Flysnap is a Core Life Skylander for Skylanders Evolution.


Flysnap was once a small seed found by Camo which he took to his own personal garden. Each day, Camo observed Flysnap's massive growth spurts, until one fateful day, while Camo went off to get fertiliser, he was horrified that Wrecking Ball was almost eaten alive by his own plant! He made Flysnap spit Wrecking Ball out at a Drow Invasion Blimp, causing it to explode and save his garden. As of now, Flysnap is mobile thanks to little leaf legs and a pot to keep moist, and best of all, he doesn't eat other Skylanders anymore.


Attack 1: Bite

Attack 2: Rain of Seeds


Gulp It Down: Eat an enemy and you grow bigger. Press Attack 1 to spit it out as a slime ball.

Crazy Daisies: Rain of Seeds leave a pollen cloud in the middle.

Let It Whip: Press Attack 3 for a Vine Whip Attack.

Stomach Churning: You can eat three more enemies and you can grow bigger and gain two more vines.

Weed Warlord (Seed Rain and Vines)Edit

Thistle Have To Do: Seeds grow into a shield of Thistles that hurt enemies.

Ivy The Terrible: Vine Whips now have Poison Ivy that damages enemies.

Perposterous Phosphorus: New Armour makes you harder to hit.

Gluttonous Greenery (Eating and Vines)Edit

Fine Diner: You can store up to five enemies and reach your maximum size. 

Soiled Pot: When Biting, a cloud of soil confuses enemies.

Bad Lunch: When holding five enemies, spit them out to create a giant slime ball you can roll around.

Soul GemEdit

Root's Wrath: Stand Still and hold Attack 3 to conjure roots to whip passing enemies.

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