Fuzzsaw is a living cotton plant who's full of thorns and soft cotton. His catchphrase is "Time to fluff up!"


Fuzzsaw was about to be used by Kaos to make an evil quilt and Fuzzsaw was in deep danger. But more were in peril than just Fuzzsaw. If he was used, Kaos would've used the quilt to clog the pipes to flood a small part of Skylands. Fuzzsaw decided to fight off Kaos by shredding some of Kaos's most important plans and quickly escaped. After that, Eon decided to ask him to join the Skylanders!


Cotton flail: Swing your thorny tipped cotton hand.

Fluff: Hold secondary button to fluff yourself into a large ball of fluff and reduce damage taken.

Acorn pack: Press 3rd attack button to jet forward letting of a speeding acorn shifting behind you, hold button to go farther.

Basic upgradesEdit

Thorny cotton: Cotton swing does increased damage.

Takeoff: Hold 3rd attack button to charge acorn jet , release to jet forward that releases an explosion and a bigger acorn.

Mega fluff: Hold secondary button to fluff up that pushes enemies back.

Sturdy fluff: Fluffing now reduces more damage.

Fluff master (Fluffing and fluff saw)Edit

Spike fluff: While holding secondary button, thorns now protrude from fluff causing damage to anything that touches them.

Fluff Blade: Hold primary button, then release to throw a thorny boomerang blade that comes back to you.

Fluff blast: While holding the secondary button, press the primary button to boat powerful spikes that fly in all directions.

Acorn buddy (Acorn jets)Edit

Let it fly: Hold 3rd button, then release to jet forward and hold to keep on moving.

Super acorn: Press 3rd attack button once to smash an acorn on the ground causing an explosion.

Wheatgrass: Hold 3rd button, then release to jet forward and hold to keep on moving and emit a strong grassy steam trail behind you as you keep moving.

Soulgem and WowpowEdit

Soulfem: Thorn buddy: A small thorny cotton ball follows you around and attacks enemies.

Wowpow: Thorny stem: Enemies take damage when they touch you.

Fuzzsaw's FigurineEdit

Fuzzsaw Figure
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