........General Tso

General Tso is a chicken colonel who has a spicy breath and speaks with a Drill Sergeant accent. His catchphrase is "Feel the Burn!".


General Tso was a chicken colonel in Skyfire Academy commanding some of the most powerful army in skylanders to help protect the island. Then one day, General Tso relieved and video message from Kaos saying that Kaos is owing to destroy his Army Academy and replace it with the Kaos Museum. Kaos sent out his army of Trolls and Chompies to destroy the area. General Tso then commanded the army to attack the other army to prevent Kaos from destroying one of the most important areas in Skylands. General Tsos army fought off the Trolls and Chompies, sending them back to Kaos and evacuating the area. The next day, Eon visited the Academy to see what happened, then realize General Tso and his army saved it from destruction and then asked him to join the Skylanders!


Hot Breath: Press the primary button to breath out a jet of spicy air, hold it to make it keep going.

Tank on!: Press the secondary button to command two tanks that go forward to run over enemies and blast out explosive fiery shells. They disappear after 10 seconds.

Fiery Pellets: Press the third button to thrown flaming bird seed and corn on the ground that attracts enemies then lights them on fire.


Tasty Pellets: Press the third button to thrown fiery bird seed and corn on the ground that does more damage, then press the primary button to eat them and regain 7 HP.

Tank Top: While standing near a tank, press the secondary button again to jump on it and drive it around and blast fiery shells that do increased damage.

The rest is TBA.

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