"Rattle my bones!" 

-Gladiator Doom official catchphrase

Gladiotor Doom was an Arkeyan who served under the Arkeyan King and is in Skylanders: Fused Elements

Basic InformationEdit

Name: Gladiator Doom

Species: Arkeyan Ghost

Element: Undead

Gender: Male

Appearance: Gladiator Doom is a mummy-like Arkeyan with an Egyptian headdress, arm guards and leg guards in black trimmed in gold


From the moment the Arkeyans had a war with the Skylanders, Gladiator Doom hated the Skylanders. He fought with all his might fighting sometimes days without stopping. After years of fighting Gladiator Doom had gone to hiding. Eons later he was found by Terrafin who showed him to Eon because he knew he had potential. After training Eon made him a Skylander.


Primary attack: Sword Slash- Slash your sword to hit enemies

Secondary attack: Riot Shield- Hold up your shield

Basic UpgradesEdit

Skull Shaker- Sword does increase damage

Skull Shield- Riot Shield becomes more powerful and blocks damage from all trolls

Doom Bones- Summon a cage of bones that lock enemies until Gladiator Doom strikes

Hell Sword (Sword)Edit

Spike Sword- Sword now has spikes which deal more damage to enemies

Sticky Spikes- Spikes on sword now stick to enemies damaging them over time

Hell Sword- Sword now turns blue and is set on fire​

Shield of Awesomeness (Shield)Edit

Bone Crusher- Shield now reflects projectiles and fires them back

Legendary Shield- Shield is gild and dark blue and reflects all attacks

Shield of Awesomeness- Shield is now on fire and deals damage to enemies who get close


(Fish Crypt ) Undead Power- All attacks have maximum damage


  • He is the father of Chandelier due tí the fact that he created him
  • He looks exactly like Krypt King
    • This is due to the fact that he was made to look like a father

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