Glider is an Air Skylander with attitude.
Glider for CCSW



"Glide with style!"




Glider was born to a family of glider-dragons. He grew up giving Mabu gliding rides on his back, but once when his hometown was attacked by trolls, he used his razor-sharp wings to defend it. Soon after Master Eon met him and recruited him to be a Skylander.


Main AttacksEdit

Wing Slash: Press A slash with your wings.

Down Slash: Press B slash downwards with your wings.

Basic UpgradesEdit

Sharper than a knife: Wing Slash does extra damage.

OUCH!!: You slash with both wings at once.

Glidin' Time: Press Z to glide.

Path 1- What goes UP must come DOWN (Down Slash Path)Edit

Momentum Slash: Down Slash does extra damage.

Double Downness: You slash down twice at once.

Slash+Wind=TROUBLE: Down Slash creates gusts of wind that blow back enemies.

Path 2- Gliding away like a... glider (Glidin' Time Path)Edit

Ticky-Tocky-Ticky-Tocky: Glide for longer.

Extra Air: Fly for an unlimited amount of time.

Mini-Gliders: It means what it's name is. Mini-Gliders fly with you. Press A again to shoot them out.

SOUL GEM- Wings of Fury: Wing Slash does even MORE extra damage.

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