Gnorcenoid was just a humble Gnorc named Proffessor Gnorceson III. To many he was the smartest Gnorc alive. Even to the people that didn't like Gnorcs, he was actually a good guy. But on one terrible day an evil mechanical wizard put a spell on Gnorceson to turn him into a Robognorc that had a laser blaster. Out of fear of what happened Gnorceson decided to hide in his lab forever. One day, Eon came and found Gnorceson. Eon then told him aout the Skylanders. Gnorceson thought what it would be like as one, so he changed his name to Gnorcenoid as a form of acception. Eon actually didn't say anything about the name change.


Primary attack: Laser shot

Secondary attack: Drones (Double Trouble thing)

Soul gem: The sky is the limit: Be able to use rocket boots.

Upgrades: Timing is key: Deploy drones faster. Fire power:Laser shot does more damage. I'm still flying: Rocket boots last longer during use. Boom goes the robots: Drones do more damage.

Energy conservist (path 1): No refills for me: Rocket boots don't run out of fuel. infinite ammo: Laser blaster dosen't run out of energy. All time left: Drones explode on enemies instead of exploding randomly.

Tinkering (path 2): More fire power: Laser shot does even more damage. Say hello to my little friends!: Be able do deploy mor drones. Transform my friend: Charge up a drone to transform it into a bomb and throw it.


Gnorcenoid would be a Tech Skylander and would be Lightcore. Catchphrase: "Here comes the aim!" Species: Robognorc.