"You're Goatinated!" Goat-N8R's catchphrase.

Goat-N8R is a Core Tech Skylander for Skylanders Evolution.


From his deathbed in Colossus Valley to deep in in the dark, dirty bunkers of the Trolls. Goat-N8R was originally a secret weapon to destroy the Core of Light. Part Goat, Part Machine and all artillery. Unfortunately for the Trolls, Goat-N8R had a particular nasty defect, he was a good goat! After completely destroying the bunkers, Goat-N8R wandered Skylands, being hired to hunt down evil pests on more than one occasion, until one day when he was invited to meet the Skylanders...


Attack 1: Back Turret

Attack 2: Horn Charge


Iron Oryx: Charge does more damage.

Bullet Goat Gruff: Bullets do more damage and pierce through enemies.

Hotshot Hooves: Charges leave a trail of acid behind.

Goats, Not Pigs: Press Attack 3 to hover with jet engines on your back.

Heavy Goatillery (Machine Gun Turret)Edit

Tank You: Hover and press Attack 1 to drop bombs, hold it to charge up and aim a missile.

Kaprikaze: When charging, press Attack 1 to explode.

Ammo From Above: Once your ammo gauge depletes, a giant blob of mercury splatters enemies.

Goat Rider (Charge)Edit

Plasma Pulse: Acid now electricutes enemies and slows them down.

Baa To The Future: Charge long enough and you'll teleport with time energy frying enemies that come in contact.

Operation NIL8: Charge up time energy and let it out by pressing Attack 1 for a devasting flash bomb.

Soul GemEdit

Head For Hover: While flying, hold Attack 2 to divebomb enemies with a shockwave. 

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