"the gold is not old!"


Goldling was once a simple miner, digging for his living. he heard fairy tales of a magical mine that can grant you infinit gold. he left his home country trying to find the legendery mine. he found it after years of searching, but was disappointed that all that he could find is a golden neckless. he put the neckless around his neck and was surprised that he was transformed into a golden being! when he left the mine all that he has done was running away from other miners that wanted to capture him and sell him. he wanted to be a skylander for protection and to defend skylands with hes awsome new abilitys. master eon saw the great use in goldling and made him a skylander, and for being a skylander, he gave maser eon alot of gold.

powers and upgradesEdit

golden fists- punch and preform a combo (unlike stump smash's stump fist attacks)

golden bar lob- lob golden bars at your enemies

basic upgrades

solid fists- golden fists do increased damage

liquid gold- transform into a puddle of gold, and press attack 1 while in gold puddle to uppercut with a giant fist

momentum release- gloden lob does increased damage

better gold grow- can throw golden bars faster

path 1- solid puncher

goldling combos- press attack 1 twice and and hold attack 2 for gold eurption, press attack 1 twice and hold attack 3 for mountains of gold

explosive toss- gold bar lob does increased damage and explodes

god gold- golden fists do maximum damage

path 2- liquid goldling

escape the chase- move faster while in gold puddle

upgrade uppercut- uppercut does increased damage

better liquid- gold puddle is bigger, increasing the size of the uppercut

soul gem- solid gold- better armor provides increased protection

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