Ganny mabu

"At least i'll get to see my graaaandkiiiiiiids........." Granny Mabu's quote when she is captured

Combat mechanicsEdit

She tries to get closer to you to smack you with her bag. When you lower her health by 25% each time, she will pull a giant laser from her bag and try to shoot you


First attack: bag smack, close range,114/178 damage

Second attack: bag laser, far range, 44/55*3 damage


Granny Mabu's quest, is started by talking to her nephew in (insert level here). He says to her that he lost her 8 grandchildren while she was on her evil rampage. She is then taken to a battlefield similar to the villain quest battlefields, where she needs to get her 8 grandchildren from the stage and get them back home. Her evolved set changes her skirt to pink, shirt to brown and bag to orange.
Ganny mabu 2


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