Groundskeeper is an Earth Skylander with no legs.
Groundskeeper for CCSW



"Time to Meet Your Raker!"




Groundskeeper was born, grew up, and spent a third of his life as an ordinary Grounder. But Groundskeeper longed for adventure and excitement, rather than mucking about in old mines and scaring miners. So he left his home, and wandered the world. He soon learnt to control the herculean force inside him, and when he met Master Eon, he was soon asked to become a Skylander. He said yes.


Main AttacksEdit

Whammo Punch: Press A to punch enemies.

Roll-a-stone: Press B to roll a mini-boulder at enemies.

Basic UpgradesEdit

Smasharooney: Whammo Punch does extra damage.

Bigger Boulder: Roll a bigger boulder.

Herculean Spin: Press Z to spin around with herculean force.

Path 1- Boulderneer (Roll-a-stone Path)Edit

Double Stones: Roll two boulders at once.

Boulder Blast: Boulders explode!

Boulderdamage-X: Boulders do extra damage.

Path 2- Spin of the Gods (Herculean Spin Path)Edit

Clockspin: Spin for longer.

Boulderspin: When you spin, it creates mini-boulders which roll outwards.

Doomspin: Your arms grow when you spin to hit more enemies.

SOUL GEM- Gravelly Armour: You have more gravel on you which makes you harder to hurt.

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