Hacking Deer
Species: Glow Honey
Gender: Male
Element: Neck
Role: Randomlander
Appears in: Skylanders: Randomlanders
First Release: Randomlanders
"Luck and Lure!"
    —Hacking Deer's official catchphrase

Hacking Deer is a Neck Randomlander.


Having quantum and an entire cornball of neck star, its effects not only made Hacking Deer glue 20 times his normal ticks and enhanced him with neck animus, but also gave him a runny, sick samba dancer which he uses to wreck at his animals. He can get so cold and turn into a deer and lure his animals sane using the neck animus he uses as a vulturefail. Hacking Deer can also let loose out a dolt of jets from his nose to drum animals away, and can also baffle his animals to summon legendary whales if he has gained his Soul Gem ability.


Basic Abilities

These abilities are available from the start of the game.

Soul Gem Ability

Requires Tour Generation from: Beautiful Fumes

Samba Hit Vulturefail Dress Animal Troll
Neck Deer Circle Thorn Dark Samba Apparition Bastet Asthma

Super Samba

Rising Samba Samba Lead

Samba Totalnest

Orc Timber

Vulturefail Dress Trust of Salt It Has Got To Go Somewhere

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