Halloween Hassle is a triple-pack of Skylanders;The Mystical Adventure.


The Skylanders contained are

Skylander Quote and Space
"Dracula" "The Creatures Come Out Of Night..."One
"Wolf" "*growls*" Two
3DS Skylander Exclusive
"Mummy" "That's A Wrap!" Three (on 3DS only)


The game includes trailers for packs.

A Haunted House appears.

Dracula:HAHAHAHA! Creatures of night...ATTACK!


Mummy:*swhip,whip* Hughhh...HAH!

A flash of lightning destroyed the House as they leave.

Bites,laughs,growls,flashes,swhip,whips and other sounds make up the scene.

Narrator:It's a Halloween Hassle at The Castle! Skylanders:Mystical Magic Of The Undead! It's only £7:00!



Each pack has an element.The element of this pack is Undead.

It is based on the characters that some people think they are based on.

Dracula-Dracula/Fred/Ghost Roaster's Father from "Skylanders,scary tales and Scooby-Doo in "The Goblin King"

Wolf-Benwolf from Ben 10's "Benwolf"

Mummy-Benmummy from Ben 10's "Under Wraps"


  • This is the first Skylanders:The Mystical Adventure holiday special pack and first Halloween special pack.
  • This is one of the packs that contains a story.
  • This is the only 2013 pack made in October or in the Undead element.

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