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Catchphrase: "Hot and Spicy!" He is voiced by Kevin michael richardson who does shredder off of ninja turtles and Cleveland brown jr off of the Cleveland show he also voices tree rex


Heatwave is Sunburn's brother. They are mistaken a lot. Sunburn can teleport. Heatwave likes wasabi on his Trinidad Moruga Scorpian slices with Hot Sauce squirted all over it. He complains it tastes too mild for him. He is the world champion "Iron Stomach".


Attack 1: Breathes fire Attack 2: Tail ignites, and use it as a whip Soul gem: Fire does more damage
Make a Flame Burp Fire is longer ranged Flame Burp does increased damage/Tail whip does increased damage
Path 1: Flame burp ignites enemies Flame burp is longer ranged after you eat a food Flame burp does MAX damage
Path 2: Tail whip can be charged up Summon flame cages on enemies that were whipped Tail whip stuns enemies


Pheonix-Dragon Hybrid.