"Makin' Bacon!" Hogslide's catchphrase.

Hogslide the Rock Boar is an Earth Skylander for Skylanders Evolution.


Before the Dirt Seas were converted into a vast sheet of glass, it was divided between two races, the Dirt Sharks, and the Rock Boars. Hogslide and Terrafin were fierce rivals in a brutal war. It was only until Terrafin was about to be killed by The Greedy Rock Boar King himself when Hogslide shot out bursts of steam from his nose and knocked the King into quicksand, freeing the Rock Boars from a lifetime of pain. When Terrafin became a Skylander, he remembered Hogslide's efforts to stop the war, and so found him and brought him in to join too. Now, Hogslide and Terrafin are now best friends, as well as still fierce rivals...


Attack 1: Rock Fists

Attack 2: Steam Blast


Gas Guzzler: Steam Blasts last longer and do more damage.

Rumbling Rocky: More rocks are added to your arms and they roll around.

Raining Rubble: Press Attack 3 to bring down a rockslide.

Holy Crag: Rock Fists and Rockslides do more damage.

Hot Spring Hog (Steam Blast)Edit

Steaming Swine: Steam Blasts are infinite and also turn red after a while, causing more damage.

Stone Sow Sauna: Enemies hit by the Steam Blasts leave puddles of hot water.

Bakin' Boulders: Charge up a Steam Blast to send your head flying on steam gusts.

Boulder Boar (Rock Fists and Rockslide)Edit

Hogs of Ore: Rock Fists are steaming hot, doing maximum damage.

Rock Wild: Rock Fists reach maximum ammuntion.

Piggy Pebbles: Rockslides have a bigger attack range and do more damage.

Soul GemEdit

Ground Hog's Day: Jump and press Attack 2 to make Geysers around you.

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