"Bombs Away!" Jet Vac's catchphrase for Hookout

Hookout is the Beast of the Air element.


During Skylands' turmoil from the Arkeyans, Hookout the Airbatross soared the skies with its powerful curved beak and thumping great talons. It was seen as a symbol of greatness and nobility by many Mabu, and now, it is feared by evil by those same curved beak and claws, that haven't changed since its ressurection.


Attack 1: Talon Stab

Attack 2: Swoop


Bird Bomb: Grab little enemies with the Talon Stab to use them as egg bombs.

Swoop-de-Loop: Swoops do more damage, and press Attack 3 for a somersault.

Questions First, Bombs Later: Hold onto your egg bomb until you need it.

Drop the Load: Swoop and hold A1 to drop a barrage of eggs.

Bald Bombardment (Egg Bombs)Edit

Bad Birdie: Grab destructable objects and bigger enemies as bombs.

Eggs-a-Plenty: Press Attack 3 to throw eggs around you in a ring.

No Yolk: Eggs leave yolk that slows down enemies.

Super Swooper (Sky Attacks)Edit

Beakrobatics: Beak sharpened and charge up your Swoop for a Spining Corkscrew.

Swirly Birdy: While doing a somersault, hold down Attack 3 the conjure up a killer tornado.

In a Flap: Wings now do damge as well as the beak with new Wing Guards.

Soul GemEdit

Bird of Nine Tails: Tail Feathers now do damage.

Elemental RidersEdit

Air: Increased Stats

Earth: Eggs are now boulders, allowing you to roll them around and pick them up again.

Fire: Swoop covers you in a coat of flames, somersaults spawn a volcano.

Life: Eggs are now Poisonous Thistles.

Magic: When you have an egg and Swoop, you go faster and leave a magical light that toasts enemies.

Tech: When Swooping, hold A1 to drop missiles.

Undead: Yolk left behind grow hands that drag enemies in.

Water: Drop snowballs which leave icy trails to freeze enemies.

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