Wrecking Ballsoulgempower

"Spring into action!"




One day Hopper was was minding his own buisness, eating so flies of coarse, then suddenly some evil spell punks started turning the trees into undead. Hopper loved his forest the way it was, so he ate on of the spell punks books and grew...and grew...and grew! Until he was the size of the spell punks. he then ate all the spell punks, and grew more until he was the size of most skylanders. Then Eon and all the life, death, and magic skylanders restored Hopper's forest and asked him to be a skylander, he happily joined.

Move ListEdit

Hop- keep hitting 1 to hop, 1 1 hold one to slam down

Tongue swipe-Launch tongue

Other moves:

Longer tongue-longer tongue

Bouncy-Hop faster

Slimy-slide on stomach

Gross trap-enemie are trapped in goo

Path A: Slime Time

Slippery-Slide longer

Acid-damages enemies

Slimy taste-Toungue goes longer and eats small enemies for health, tongue makes slime on enemies

Path B: Hop-o-lot

Hop combos:1 1 hold 2 to spin 1 1 hold 3 to blow bubbles

Slimy feet- makes small slim puddles when hopping

Leap-hops further

Soul gem: Fly away!

Has flies that protect Hopper.

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