After the events of Kaos, Hunter thought that he would try to find Spyro because everyone in Avalar thought he was "missing". Hunter went on the search alone with plenty of supplies. After many days he found Flynn's balloon landed and Flynn still in it. Hunter then walked up to it, greeted himself to Flynn, and explained why he was on a journy. With Flynn being Flynn he only allowed Hunter on because Hunter wasn't as handsome as him. After they arrived at the Ruins, Hunter had a reuinion with Spyro. Hugo said that a man named Eon would say that he would be a good Skylander. After a while Hunter agreed to be one. Spyro was happy with the choice.


Primary attack: Bow strike (hit enemies with bow)

Secondary attack: Shoot arrow

Soul gem: Conqured fear: Hunter can now swim.


Stricking combo: Hunter can now have a bow strike combo.

Triple threat:Shoot three arrows at once.

Arrow from above: You can now jump and once you do you can shoot arrows.

Blink of a bull's eye:Charge up arrow shot for increased speed and slight increased damage.

Air Raid (path 1):Edit

That's gotta hurt: You can can use bow strikes from above damaging nearby enemies.

Look out below: You can shoot three arrows in air.

Flying feline: When in air you will be able to land by gliding instead of falling back down.

Bowjitsu (path 2):Edit

Showoff: Be able to pul off more combo moves increasing bow strike damage.

Slides aren't for kids only: Do a sliding bow strike.

Rhymes with defect: Be able to spin bow to deflect some projectiles.


Hunter would be a Light Skylander and wouldn't be a Lightcore. Catchphrase: "Bullseye!" Species: Cheetah.