220px-Ice King
Ice Knight was a part of the Royal Ice Round Table. One day he pushed the wrong buttons on their Ice King (refrence intended) that he screamed "Do you know what Ice King MEANS?! IT MEANS A KING OF ICE TO NOT BE TOYED WITH!" He then replied "I thought it ment a big nerd," and left. The outcast of Icelands, a northern region of Skylands, he noticed that he was the same size as a vistior calling himself Eye-Brawl. He then went south to find a Portal Master who made him a Skylander. The Portal Master actually did.


Primary attack: Fist of icey wrath (a punch).

Secondary attack: Shield charge (Chop Chop thing).

Soul gem: El toro hielo: Charge with horns.

Upgrades: El toro hielo rapido: Horn charge is faster. Raise defenses: Place shield down on for slight invincebility (Inhuman Sheild thing). Wind-up punch: Charge up punch for a wind-up punch. Shield toss of Olympics: Charge up shield charge to throw sheild like a boomerang.

Icey Fear (path 1): Fist of even more wrath: Punch does more damage. Icey quake: Charge up punch to turn into an ice-based earthquake. Horns n' more: when using horns be able to use primary attack as an elbow drop.

El escudo toro (path 2): (Same second path as Chop Chop.)


Ice Knight would be a Water Giant and the light up parts would be his eyes, sheild, and horns.

Species: Ghoul. Catchphrase: "Hypothermic fury for the win!"

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