"I scream!!!"

Ice Scream's official catchphrase

Ice Scream is a giant frozen giant made of ice cream that appears in Skylanders: Fused Elements

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Ice Scream

Species: Frozen Ice Cream Giant

Element: Water

Gender: Male

Appearance: He is a huge giant made totally from vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream. Its teeth are made of candy corn and its eyes made from strawberry. Its fingers are cones and it has candy corn spike from its back. It feet are totally dug to the ground and change flavor as it walks.


Ice Scream was created during the Yeti Annual Ice Cream Blizzard watch. During the set-up a troll tampered with the machine and turned it on. It went wild and all the ice cream flew everywhere. The blizzard went crazy and fused all the ice cream together thus creating Ice Scream. It stopped the blizzard and attacked the troll. The yetis thanked it and showed him to Eon who made him a Skylander.


  • Frozen Punch: Throw punches with your ice cream hands
  • Flavorful Scream: Hold A2 to unleash a scream that blows up enemies

Basic UpgradesEdit

  • Ice Cream Storm: Press A3 to summon a blizzard of ice cream
  • Cone Nails: Hold A1 to shoot cones from your hands
  • Annoying: Scream does increase damage

Hot Sunday (Punch and scream)Edit

  • Frozen Solid: Punch now explodes causing damage around
  • Ear Problem: Enemies hurt by A2 now walk around and attack others
  • Ultimate Ice Cream: Ice Scream earns armor and his attacks do damage

Blizzard of Doom (Blizzard)Edit

  • Cows?: Blizzard now has cows that attack enemies
  • Ice Cream Competition: Blizzard bow shoots ice cream out attack bystanders
  • Caution! Wet Floor!: Blizzard now leaves a frozen trail behind


  • (Octavius Lair  ) Rock Solid: Blizzard now picks up rocks and throws around rocks


  • He is the only food skylander

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