Igneel Art

"Hear my blade roar!" - Offical Catchphrase of Igneel

Igneel is one fo the 10 Spirit Blade Wielders in the game, Spirit Blades.

Biography Edit

When Igneel was young, he dreamt of becoming a knight in his lands. Determined to be a leader, Igneel trained day and night when he was still a squire. After years of training, Igneel was tested to see if he could become a true knight. However on the exact same day, Kaos' army that varied a bunch of enemies came, wanting to take over the Igneel's homeland. While others cowardly escaped, Igneel shouted to all the other knights and they followed his command, and soon defeated Kaos' army, commanded by Igneel. When all the other knights wanted to promote him to be their king, Igneel declined the tempting offer and said that he'd rather become a Skylander, in which Eon eventualluy recruited him, making Igneel a skylander.

Moveset Edit

Lion's Blade: Do a combo with Igneel's Spirit Blade!

Roar Of A Knight: Roar at your opponents, making them cower with fear!

Flaming Pillar: TBA

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