"Feel the burn"

Infierno official catchphrase

Infierno is a phoenix from Skylanders: Fused Elements

Basic InformationEdit

Name: Infierno

Species: Dragon and Phoenix

Element: Fire

Gender: Male

Appearance: Infierno is a dragon-like Phoenix with very colorful feathers English Voice Actor : James earl jones


Born high up in Lavaflow , Infierno has been a little prankster. He planted explosive dragon eggs in his teacher's nest. He filled a bucket full of water and put it on his brother, extinguishing his flames. One day he pulled a prank so daring he was never to be seen again. He had gather large amounts of water and dumped it inside Lavaflow . That was then when he disintegrated the eternal flame source. However, it was a good things cause the trolls had been hiding and stealing pieces of the source. It was then that the village saw that and defeated the trolls. The village however, was mad and sent him to Eon where he learned how to control him powers.


Primary attack: Spicy Hot Sauce- Breath fire

Secondary attack: Trickster- Teleport from one place to another

Basic UpgradesEdit

Happy Birthday- Leave a gift box behind that explodes once an enemy touches it

Light feet- Teleportation is now easier

Flame of Fury- Scorch Breath now does increase damage

Happy Boom Boom- Happy Birthday does increase damage

Best Phoenix (Flame breath)Edit

Super Nova- While doing the fire breath press the secondary attack button to create a tiny star that will explode on contact with enemies

Super Charged- While doing Scorch Breath press Happy Birthday to create mini Infierno that attack enemies

Ultimate Phoenix- Infierno's feathers turned golden and all of his attacks do extreme damage

Mr. Disappearing (Teleport)Edit

Three Three the Charm- Infierno could teleport extremely fast three times (cooldown required)

Tick Tock Time is Up- Cooldown is faster

Three Phoenix?- Teleportating extremely fast makes two other phoenix


True Phoenix (Lavaflow )- All attacks do increase damage


  • He is a mix of Camo and Sunburn
  • His catchphrase is a quote that Hot Head has his voice actor is james earl jones who is Darth Vader and mufasa