Name: Irogun Edit

Catchphrase: " Don't make me shoot you! " Edit

Backstory Edit

Irogun was an Arkeyan soldier working for the Arkeyans. All Arkeyan robots were made to be evil but, Irogun wasn't evil as he had circuit during his making. One of the Arkreyans sneezed on him while inventing him and that was what caused his circuit and became good. During the war, he secretly destroyed some of the other evil Arkeyan robots. After that war, he left to find good friends that he could use as he was lonely. Ten thousand years later, he found Boomer who told him that they were in great need of help. So Irogun accepted the offer as he knew being a Skylander would gain him new friends and he would be able to fight evil.

Database: Edit

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Irogun is like chop chop but has no bones and is fully metal and wires. He also has a big metal gun on his chest and his hands are also gun but are tinier. He also wears a gold scarf around his neck.

Species: Arkeyan Robot

Gender: Male

Element: Tech

Role: Skylander

Appearances: Skylanders: Defenders Rise

Gameplay Attacks and Starting and Ending Stats Edit


  • Health: 270 (max. 780)
  • Speed: 45 (max. 75)
  • Armour: 110 (max. 155)
  • Critical Hit: 50 (max. 70)
  • Elemental Power: 45 (max. 80)

Basic Attacks:

Hand Guns: Press Attack 1 to shoot bullets from your hands that travel far and damage enemies.

Iron Scarf: Press Attack 2 to turn your scarf into metal and let it punch to both your left and right side.

Basic Upgrades:

Gun Beam Chest: Press Attack 3 to shoot a large laser from the gun on your chest.

Explosive Bullets: Bullets shot will explode at contact with any enemy.

Metal Fists Scarf: Iron Scarf does more damage than usual.

Sharp Fists: Iron Scarf will pierce any enemy it touches, rapidly damaging them.

Right and Left-handed Gunner(Focuses on Hand Gun Attacks)

Three Bullets At A Time: Now shoot three bullets from your hands at the same time.

Mega Hand Guns: Hold Attack 3 then release to shoot a rocket sized bullet at a enemy.

Double Mega Hand Guns: Now shoot 2 rocket sized bullets instead of 1!

Soul Gem: Alive Guns

Mini alive walking guns will spawn after doing Explosive Bullets. They have very little health and will shoot tiny bullets at any enemy they see. You can spawn up to 5 of them at a time.

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