"Soft but Tough!" Jellatin's catchphrase.

Jellatin is the Core Water Skylander for Skylanders Evolution.


Jellatin was not the most creature in the seas of Skylands. Everyone said he looked like Leviathan Snot, and to be honest, he does. Zap was his only true friend, as they spent time camping in rockpools, raced each other, even though Zap always won, and practicing their electric charges. During a nasty storm, Jellatin was washed up on a beach, nothing but living slime, as Zap was about to be sent flying for the rocks. Luckily, Jellatin caught him in his own sticky body. The two are now best friends, and thanks to a special membrane which Jellatin can take off at will, both Skylanders. The only difference is that Jellatin still looks like Leviathan Snot...


Attack 1: Slime Punch

Attack 2: Electric Venom Field


Men O War: Attack 3 drops a small Jellyblob down on the ground.

Pulsating Poison: Electric Venom Field does more damage and has a wider range.

Blob Boxer: Slime Punch does more damage.

Liquid Luchador: While the Electric Venom Field is up, hold Attack 1 to liquify, increasing speed and armour.

Right on Slime (Slime Attacks)Edit

Mean Bean Chaining Machine: Drop down more Jellyblobs and you can also chain your Electric Vemon and Punches to make a chain.

Drastic Elastic: Hold Attack 1 to stretch out your fist and let go to fly after it.

Box of Acid Jellyfish: Liquid form now does damage when enemies step in it.

Bow to the Sting (Electric Venom)Edit

Shocking!: Sting Radius is now its maximum size.

Vicious Venom: Electrocute a Jellyblob and they explode, paralyzing enemies.

Sight for Sore Eyes: In the Liquid Form, your eyes follow with electric flowing through them.

Soul GemEdit

Jelly Jumpin: Jump on a Jellyblob for a double jump.

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