Before I start i have put the diffrences off the old and new one of Jeweled Sky!

Jeweled Sky

New Jeweled Sky: Imaginations is the Key!

Old Jeweled sky:Finding My way Trough

Biography (New Jeweled Sky)

In The Unkown Magic Dimension Star Strike and Jeweled Sky Were Friends then when kaos did the spell on the first game star strike was blown away One day kaos said star strike is a handfull so he took Jeweled sky out. She Knew Kaos Wanted her but then she though of something and her imaginaton blew and she used the powers of imagination to defeat kaos and Eon took her to be a skylander

Old Jeweled sky Bio

In The Lake of Skylands it was peaceful then suddenly kaos striked again and when kaos blew up the portal of power it hit Jeweled sky so hard she became magic and eon saw after when the soul was found and he made jeweled sky a skylander

By The Way Which One Is better?

New Jeweled Sky Attacks

Shoot For it


Slash Of The Butterflys

Wilkin Magic

Wow Pow Star Fly

Self Form Magic Dust

Neon Blast

Old Jeweled Sky Attacks

Life Beak

Lip Of Gold

Talk to the Flipper

Fuzzer skin

Hipno Eyes

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