"Think Spyro's a Goblin now?" Jinques' catchphrase.

Jinques the Goblin Chompy is a Core Magic Skylander for Skylanders Evolution.


Jinques is a special kind of Chompy. He hails from a breed of Goblin Chompies which are much smarter than their more common cousins. Jinques was the pet of a Royal Family in the Monocific Islands, but when an evil Warlock threatened to turn the King into a measly Spiderling, Jinques poked the Warlock in the Privits and took his staff, accidently turning him into a Sheep. Nowadays, Jinques is the Skylanders' comedian and the Royal Family's Court Jester, and that same Warlock is in their stable to this day.


Attack 1: Harlequin Magic Star

Attack 2: Irish Spin Dance


Mr Nosey: Press Attack 3 to stick out your nose.

Craze of the Irish: Irish Dance hypnotises enemies to protect you.

How to Spell: Magic Stars do more damage.

Jinkies!: When Prodding an enemy with your nose, flip them up in the air by quickly pressing Attack 1.

Lord of the Dance (Dancing)Edit

St Hat-Trick's Day: Your dance radius is bigger and takes the form of a Jester Hat, enemies that step on the balls get turned into Sheep to be kicked at enemies.

Lucky Break: While Dancing, press Attack 1 to breakdance and cause an explosion.

Chompy-Taught: Let Sheep in your radius and they'll dance and also get set on magical fire, doing more damage.

Cheeky Chompy (Magic and Nose Attacks)Edit

The Nose Knows: While Dancing, hold Attack 3 to spin around, the balls on Jinques' hat are also set on magical fire.

Jinx'd: Charge up your magic to release a moving magic hole. Enemies who fall in get turned into Sheep.

Clowning Around: Press Attack 1 and 3 for a flying nosedive.

Soul GemEdit

Mad Hatter: Use your hat to fly over water and to perform a double jump.

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