"Quake and Break!" Terrafin's catchphrase for Kangaboom.

Kangaboom is the Earth Beast.


Kangaboom is a social outgoing creature that liked to crush anything that moved, (And that was smaller than it) so it was no suprise that many Mabu villages were demolished by the Obsidian Kangaroo. Soon, Crusher found it one day while fighting off some Arkeyan War Machines and it became his pet, back then, and after 10,000 years, now.


Attack 1: Rock Punch

Attack 2: Stomp


Knockout: Rock Punches do more damage.

Incoming!: Jump and Stomp for a bigger blast radius.

Punch from the Pouch: Press Attack 3 to throw a boulder out of your pouch.

Chuck Rock: Charge up a Punch to throw it at an enemy.

Stompin' Sheila (Stomp and Punch)Edit

Exploding Crystal Claws: Stomps now cause explosions.

Rocky Roo: Punches fire fragments of rock when they hit something.

Fists of Granite: When jumping, Press A1 and A2 together to smash the ground, creating a ring of stalagtites.

Painful Pouch (Boulder/Joey)Edit

Sandstone Slugger: A1,A1, and A3 lets your baby dish out a few jabs.

Lil' Joey: Your Boulder is replaced by a little Obsidian Kangaroo that bounces around.

Protective Pouch: New armour makes Kangaboom harder to hit.

Soul GemEdit

Roo's Clues: Stomp near a baby Obsidian Kangaroo and they'll stomp too.

Elemental RidersEdit

Air: Boulders/Joeys float in the air for a brief period.

Earth: Increased stats

Fire: Stomps leave behind a puddle of lava.

Life: Punches on destructables always leave food.

Magic: Stomps turn enemies into Joeys

Tech: Throw Robo Joeys that explode and do more damage.

Undead: Punches are now Gravestone Strikes, sucking enemies' strength overtime.

Water: Jump and Stomp to splash water and coral bombs everywhere.

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