Main Boss Info

This boss is in chapter 8 of Skylanders Falling Flock-Kaos's "Ultralaser". It is the only boss in Skylanders Falling Flocked.

Health & AttacksEdit

Health: Max Health-3000.

Lost Health Code: 1000 less health per wool on boss. (3 Wool-1000 health, 2 Wool-2000 health, 1 Wool-3000 health if hit.)

Usual Attack: Uses laser attack with aim and quake.( your health=down 30 health if hit.)

Note: After health is down to 1000,  boss uses super quake. ( your health=down 60 health)

Note: The boss is undefended after every attack.

Your AttacksEdit

20 hits to boss laser while undefended= 1 wool ball on boss

4th wool ball on boss=Kaos

Kaos's "Ultralaser" with 1000 health.

escapes and machine explodes.

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