"I'm up for a challenge"

Grew up on the farthest skyland, Skaminoe Werfa, meaning palace of eternal warriors. Her name means Eternal Flame. She was trained by her father in combat and hunting until they were attacked by the Aqua Raiders. Her father gave her a bag of crystals that she used to teleport to the next skyland, and she watched as her home was destroyed. After three years she was found by Flameslinger and Stealth Elf when they were hunting. They took her to Eon, and she became a skylander.



Move ListEdit

Claw Combo- 1 1 and hold 1 for a combo with her claws

Spin Shield- hold 2 to spin and be immune to projectiles


Fire Claws- claws burn enemies

Reflect Spin-projectiles bounce back from spinning

Crystal Teleport-teaks out a crystal and teleports away, hold 3 to delay


'Path A:' Combo Craze

Crazy combos-1 1 hold 2 for a kick 1 1 hold 3 for an uppercut

Blue flame claws-claws do more damage

firey tornado-hold 1 and 2 to fire spin

Path B: Crystal Speed

Crystal Shard-crystal explodes when teleporting

Flaming crystal-crystals burn

Cutting entrance- after teleporting, throws three crystals

Soul Gem: Crystal Rain

hold 3 to summon crystal rain Looks:

Has a side bag with her crystals that look like rubies, has red claws((blue if you do A path)), and wears clothes like flameslingers, her eyes are glow-in-dark red, but normally white. has reddish, orangish skin tone.

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