200px-Steel trap
Klamp was once a living bear trap made in a troll factory to trap a Skylander's foot in. He felt sympathy for himself for thinking about hurt Skylanders, so he did what he was made for on the trolls. He rewarded himself (because he knew no one else) by going to the Skylander Fort to be a Skylander. He asked Eon for the position, and Eon said yes...


Primary attack: Bite

Secondary attack: Spin attack

Soul gem: Merry-go-round: You don't get dizzy from spin attack.

Upgrades: My Klamp copter goes SCHWASCHWASCHWA: Spin attack is now faster. Chomp chomp chomp!: Bite does more damage. Nom: Bite is useable on treasure and food. Tunnel of eating: You can now dig a tunnel to use bite.

Stomach...full (path 1): Tunnel of Luxery food: Get health while underground. See me?: When tunneling, a decoy is left behind. CRUNCH!: Bite does even more damage.

You spin me like a record (path 2): Boomeranging metal: While using spin attack, you can bounce off walls. no owies!: Wall bouncing dosen't hurt. Like a top: Spin attack does more damage.


Klamp would be a Tech Skylander.

Species: Living bear trap. Catchphrase: "It's a trap!"

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