"Want to puppet?"

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Species: Puppet
Gender: Male
Element: Undead
Role: Skylander
World: Deadmen's Cove
Appears in: Skylanders: Fused Elements
-Knifejack's official catchphrase

Knifejack is a master puppet and is seem to be a creepy character. He appears in Skylanders: Fused Elements


Knifejack was created in the same workshop as Puppet , by the same creature. One day while their creature was creating another puppet, Knifejack and Puppet escaped. They left to a town nearby and return moments later. Upon Knifejack's return the house was set on fire by Kaos and they became a Skylander were they would fight Kaos, even though Eon finds his appearance might kill his enemies for sure.


Primary Attack: Knife cut- Swing your knife hands at enemies

Secondary attack: Jack-in-the-box: Leave a Jack-in-the-box which damages nearby enemies after touched

Basic UpgradesEdit

Puppet Mayhem: Drop a puppet which attacks enemies

Better Blades? Thanks!!!- Blades become sharper causing more damage

Pop Goes the Weasel- The Jack-in-the-box now sings causing more damage

Blood Stain (Knives and Jack-in-the-box)Edit

Blood, yes!!!- Everytime Knifejack uses his primary attack blood will cover his blades

Child-proof? I Don't Believe in It- Blood comes alive and attacks enemies once the Jack-in-the-box is set

Lord of Blood- All attacks cause more damage

Puppet Master (Puppets)Edit

Puppet Sing Along- Puppets now sing causing more damage

Puppet Trio- Three puppets attack at once

Puppet Power- Slicing the puppets will wipe out all enemies (except trappable and bosses) to disappear


(Octavius Lair  ) Puppet Creator- Knifejack now unleashes all of his attacks at once causing a huge puppet time bomb to go off


  • He is the creepiest of all the Skylanders from Fused Elements
  • He is similar to the Puppet from Five Nights at Freedy's 2
  • His Soulgem rarely leads to a crash game



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