Landslide is a Rock Golem creator Skylander who uses the power of earth to fight!

Catchphrase: Let's do this the hard way!


Landslide was once a hard rock that the Arkeyans were about


Boulder Bowler: Press the primary button to blast a boulder that jets forward and can be moved around to crush enemies.

Harden rocker: Press and hold the secondary button to drool out molten lava that damages enemies and hardens if enemies touch them. You may move around to leave a trail.

Metamorphic armor: Press the third button to summon rock from the ground which then they compress on your body which makes you impervious to attacks for a while. And when you press the primary button you punch with your sandstone arm.

Basic UpgradesEdit

Double Boulder: Now you shoot two rocks at a time.

Bigger and Boulder: Armor is increased.

Lava Pit Stomach: Lava drooling lasts longer.

Rubble stubble: While holding the primary button, press third button to smash it in to rubble that spreads out, and all attacks do more damage.

Rock Creator (Boulders and metamorphic armor)Edit

Thickest rocks: Metamorphic armor lasts even longer and you do more damage when you punch!

Spiked pillars: Hold third button to summon a ring of spiked metamorphic pillars out of the ground.

Clown Boulder: Press the primary button twice to hop on a boulder and move for as long as you want flattening enemies in your path.

Lava trails (Lava drooling)Edit

Widened drool!: Fire drool lasts longer, is wider, and stronger.

Lava skate: Press the secondary button twice to start skating on lava, which leaves a lava trail behind you.

Volcano form!: Draw a circle with your drool to create a large volcano which pours out blobs of lava which leave damaging puddles, blasts rocks, and finishes by flooding the area around it with lava.

Soulgem and WowpowEdit


Better boulder: Boulders are bigger and if you move them into your lava drool they get covered in lava and leave trails and do more damage.


Teeny boulders: When boulders break they split into three mini boulders that split into 4 tiny boulders each.

Creator PowersEdit

Terraform: When near a specific vacant landscape, press the action button to begin the terraform minigame! In the minigame, start creating lava flows to build up mountains and other landmarks according to the person who needs help.

Mine: When near a mining area, press the action button to begin the mining minigame! In the minigame, try to make a mine and try to collect enough resources while avoiding obstacles and hazards.

Elemental Power Edit

Fire: Molten rock drool: Lava Drool will spit out a lava pool of Molten rock

Earth: Molten Rock: After Drooling Lava, Shoot a rock on the lava and make molten rocks


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