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Lazer Drop

Species: Rain drop
Gender: Male
Element: Water
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Elemental Masters
Attacks/Actions: Lazer Attack, Rain Cloud and Tsunami.

"Love The Laser?"

- Lazer Drop's official catchphrase

Lazer Drop is a new skylander from the game Skylanders Elemental Masters. He is also one of the 10 Elemental Masters (PAGE STILL IN THE WORKS)


Lazer Drop fell from the sky from a rain cloud one day but, He was no ordinary rain drop. He Could walk, And talk! As he was walking he by he met some other Rain drops who could talk but couldn't walk. They gave him a special futuristic Lazer Gun to protect himself. They told him he was special for some reason besides by being able to walk. As Lazer Drop was waling by He saw some evil trolls attacking his village! Using his new found Lazer Gun, he defeated the trolls an they would never threaten that city again. For Lazer Drop's bravery and heroism, Master Eon sought out Lazer Drop and gave him the name and his power as a skylander and one of the Elemental Masters.


Attack 1. Lazer Attack: Press attack 1 to fire a lazer from your Lazer gun. Hold Attack 1 to fire them off rapidly.

Attack 2. Rain Cloud: Press attack 2 to summon a rain cloud that hovers over enemies doing rapid damage.

Upgrade 1. Lazer Power: Lazer Attac does increased Damage.

Upgrade 2. Tsunami!: Press attack 3 to explode into a Tsunami washing all enemies away.

Upgrade 3. Thunder and Lightning: Rain Cloud does increased damage. Hold attack 2 to make lightning come out from the cloud.

Upgrade 4.Press Attack 1 while in Tsunami to shoot out seaweed, fish, starfish and shells


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