"Leaf now or else!" --Leaf-O-Saur's Catchphrase 

Species: Dino + Plant 

Element: Life



Leaf-O-Saur began his life in the Arkeyan Lab, where they tested things for the Skylanders. Camo was tested with a bunch of fruit with Dino-Rang, the machine programmed and Leaf-O-Saur came out. Camo and Dino-Rang were amazed and high fived each other. The Arkeyans said maybe this was good for a skylander, it seemed to be true so Leaf-O-Saur had to drink a potion to talk. 


Pear Attack

Leafy Stomp

Leafer's Keepers!

Leaf Whip

Pear Bombs

Pear Blast

Tree Transform (Soulgem)

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