Legandary Fire Paw Offical Catchphrase is Let it Burn!


I am Finally Making a Biography it is not on firepaw post but finally i made



Once Firepaw was a normal cat a black cat he loved to do tricks one time

his owner Lucy and John Threw a Cat Knitting ball so high next to the volcano. Firepaw (Stuffer) Ran for it when he ran the volcano rumbled a little bit of lava. Stuffer No! They said but Firepaw Never Listened at all to his owner nor his self.then suddenly when he reached the ball some lava ran up him it was burning him so much he nearly died then eon though maybe i could save him and make him a skylander. firepaw was brave and he though it will go away then eon stopped it and the kitty was lava it was amazing and so on firepaw was a skylander.

Here the lInk to the oringinal one if you wanaa know

Upcoming Choose The Next one

Alt Ego Fire Paw

Series Firepaws Coming In for the next game the 5th game

Jeweled Sky (Remaking because its a duck LOL)

Turbo (Not the snail!)

And More Coming Soon Enjoy!

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