"Prepare for Flight!" --Lightning Rocket's catchphrase

Lightning Rocket is one of the Rare Elemental Creatures found from Eon. Lightning Rocket is an unknown species of type, Lightning Rocket keeps it a secret and tells no one.

Element: Air


Kaos was going after the Rare Elemental Creatures of Skylands. Only managing to evilize 1 forever, the others escaped with their powers. Lightning Rocket was hatched for the replacement of the rare air elemental creature. When the plane with Chompies were gone, the rockets were attached on to Lightning Rocket and bolts came from his ears. A little after that, Lightning Rocket was introduced at Woodburrow. Rufus introduced him to Eon and Eon seem impressed so he made Lightning Rocket a skylander. 


Cloud Box

Smoke Rocket

Wind Blast

Rocket Gun

Lightning Sizzle

Whirl Hit

Smoke Air

Steam Sneak

Stump Wind

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