Wow Pow!Edit

Spyro (Series 4)Edit

Wow Pow: Armor Up!

Gain firey armor.

Echo (Series 2)Edit

Wow Pow: The Giant Seahorse!

After shooting a bubble, do a sonic slam on it to turn into a big Seahorse head, damaging enemies. (Unlocks new headphones)

Deja Vu (Series 2)Edit

Wow Pow: Way Back When

Hold (attack 3) to let out a huge clock that damages enemies, then makes a huge explosion.

Camo (Series 3)Edit

Wow Pow: Tropical Punch

Hold (Attack 2) to let out a huge tropical fruit explosion! (Camo will get his color from green/red to purple/red

Scratch (series 2)Edit

Wow Pow: Green Power

GAin a green gem to touch enemies, to do a super pounceful attack!

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