Helpy pelpy smelpy


        - Little Miss Mages catchphrase


Once upon a time, Little Miss Mage was actually Little Miss Frog. She lived her life in a mucky swamp, being polluted by trolls. She hated the trolls so much, but she couldnt stop them because she was only a frog. But one da, she met a sorcerer, who transformed her into a wizard. So Little Miss Mage battled the trolls over the swamp. After the battle with the trolls, Little Miss Mage won over not only the swamp, but also Master Eons approval, and he invited her to be a Skylander.


Magic Beam - Press B to shoot beams out of your staff.

Ribbit! - Press C to transform into a frog, and press B to use your toungue. Press C to transform back into wizard form.

Soul Gem: Hold Z to carry enemies in your circle of magic

Beams of Power - Magic Beam does more damage

You Shall Not Pass - Press Z to cause a magical explosion around you.

Beams of More Power - Press B to shoot three beams at a time!

Path 1: Swamp Master - further upgrade Ribbit attacks

Little Babies - When you transform into a frog, five mini frogs will be summon to attack enemies

Lickety Split - Your toungue is now two toungues! Does double the power.

Streeeeetchy- Your tongue is longer

Path 2: The Sorceress- further upgrade Magic Beam and You Shall Not Pass attacks

Beams of ULTIMATE POWER!!! - Beams of Power do MAX damage!

Ring Around the Rosie- Magic Circle is even bigger

Too Bright! - When Magic Circle is summoned, little beams of light shoot out from all around.

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