"Let's Go!"

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Species: Goldfish
Gender: Male
Element: Tech
Role: Skylander
World: Tech Islands
Appears in: Skylanders:TMS

- Loco-Motive's catchphrase

Loco-Motive is a Skylander in Skylanders:The Master Sword.



Fasttrack:makes a little super charge and then fly's forward

Steamworks:Steam comes out of the locomotive and hits the enemy.

Basic Upgrades

Shredder:The little thingy at the front of the train turns into a shredder and destroys the enemies.

Railway of Doom:Upgrade for Fasttrack.

Steam-Tastic:Upgrade for Steamworks.

Soul Gem: Mazes of Kaos

Jumper:Jumps of the Rail and lands on the enemie.


He was once a simple goldfish living in the Tech Islands that was riding his train when he saw that the bridge was broken. He couldn't stop his train and fell of the rail, he fell down in an endless pit. It turns out that it was a magical pit and he became a humanoid goldfish rather than falling to hi death. He later was invited by Eon to join the Skylanders.


  • He has a resemblance to Wander from Wander Over Yonder.
  • His tounge hangs out when he drives. His tounge hanging is similar to that of Lickitoung from Pokémon.

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