"it is sunny today!"


lunaress was a princess in a dark cave, but she allways shined in light. she has been told to never leave the cave, but curiosity drove her insane! she left the cave and was allways searching for adventure. one day she followd a great big light until she was captured in it. she learnd the secrets of the sun, moon and stars! she began searching for a new adventure, becoming a skylander on the way.

powers and upgradesEdit

hand sun blast- blast enemies with the power of the sun

moon-a-rangs- throw moon-a-rangs at your enemies

basic upgrades

extreme sun blast- sun blast does inceased damage

sharp moon slicer- moon-a-rangs do increased damage

star storm- call forth a star storm

solar panels- sun blast does even more increased damage

path 1- star stormer

my lucky star- star storm does increased damage

bigger stormers- star storm covers a larger area

i am a star- hold to ride the star storm and contol where it moves, doing maximum damage

path 2- moon ranger

unstable moons- moon-a-rangs explode

moon cntoller- hold to control the moon-a-rangs

thorn like moons- moon-a-rangs stick into enemies, doing damage over time

soul gem- space protection- the sun, moon and stars provides an inceased armor

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