Master Blaster is a robot in the tech element.  He was programmed to do one thing: DESTROY. He went through Skylands,destroying everything and everyone. When the Skylanders sent Blaster's  evil "father"   to Cloudcracker prison, Master Blaster was angrier than Eruptor or Frynocould ever be. But Blaster did'nt know what to do. He had no orders. So Eon ordered him to forgive the Skylanders, become one of them, and protect Skylands. This is an order Blaster still loyally follows to this day. His catchphrase is "Beware the blast!"

Robo Blast: press attack 1 to blast an enemy.

Grenade:press attack 2 to throw a hi-tech grenade.


It's true, Wheely!:press 3 to flip and shoot a wheel.

Boom Party!: grenades do more damage.

I'm too blast, you're too slow:hold 1 to blast energy repeatedly.

Wheel of fortune:wheels do more damage.

first path: Blast Seargent.

Blast on!: blasting does more damage.

Fast Blast: blasting is faster and has more range.

Blastarang: while holding 1, press 3 to blast a projectile that damages enemies when it comes back to you.

second path: Grenade Launcher.

Boomsplosion:grenades do maximum damage.

Master of the blast:grenades explode in a larger area .

Sky High:when grenades explode, enemies are launched into the air,taking damage when they hit the ground.

Soul Gem: Ultra Blast

hold 3 to charge up your wheel.let go to throw a giant wheel into the air. when it slams on the ground,it makes a large explosion and shoots out small wheels in different directions.

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