FireSymbolSkylanders Match Stick FireSymbolSkylanders
Species: Fire Fairy
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Role: Skylander
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: World
Attacks/Actions: Flame Balls
Fire Eyes
Fairy Flight
Bigger Balls, Bigger Trouble
I'm Burning
English Voice Actor: America Young
First Release: Skylanders: World

Don't Play with Fire! -Match Stick's official catchphrase

Match Stick is a fire fairy and a fire core Skylander in Skylanders: World


Match Stick came from a race of Fairies who lived in a magical realm in the northern part of Skylands. One day, while flying through a volcano, she got blinded by the steam and fell into the lava. She survived but came out changed. When she came back home, she found a group of drow attacking the realm because Kaos wanted the fairies wings for an evil spell. Using her new powers, she sent the drow packing and became an instant celebrity. Her heroic deeds hadn't gone unnoticed as Fryno (who fell madly in love with her), heard about what she did and asked her not only on a date but to join the Skylanders as well.


1: Flame Balls- Throw balls of fire at enemies.

2: Fire Eyes- Shoot a fiery laser from your eyes.

3: Fairy Flight- Flying gives you more speed and armor.

SOUL GEM: Great Balls of Fire- Summon a giant flaming meteor upon enemies.

Additional AttacksEdit

Burn Baby Burn!- Flame Balls do increased damage.

Fry Eyes- Fire Eyes do increased damage.

Curve Ball- Flame Balls lock onto enemies.

Path 1:Ball Master (Flame Balls)Edit

Bigger Balls, Bigger Trouble- Flame Balls are much bigger and do more increased damage.

Playin' Through- Flame Balls pierce through enemies.

Batter Up!- Hold Attack 1 to unleash a mega flame ball.

Path 2:Queen of Flames (Fire Eyes)Edit

I'm Burning- Enemies are lit on fire after being hit by Fire Eyes.

Sight For Sore Eyes- Fire Eyes do more increased damage.

Extended Lasers- Fire Eyes are extended and last longer.


She is voiced by America Young.

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