Maze's Offical Catchphrase is Get it while its cold!



Ages Ago when spyro went out of the Kingdom to defend skylands and make a new group Maze looked very happy at spyro he was very happy for him then one day Air Golems Came to the kingdom the skylanders never came and maze knew what to do he used he regular crafting powers to defeat the air golem and when the boulder hit the air golem it sucked its power out and then it hit maze and then maze woke up with new powers and finished the rest off and eon made him a skylander.


Wind Slash Tornado

The eye of the storm

Wing Flap

Air fly

Fang of the wing

Navy Claws WIng Shield

Large Horns

White Neon Glow

Path 1 - Neo Clash Pipe

Pipe Shield

Longer Clawes


Path 2 - Clash of the Storm!

Neon Tornado

Crazy Eyes

Hipno Storms

Attacks Blow Back!

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