"The Power to Meditate!"

- Meditar's official catchphrase

MagicSymbolSkylanders Meditar MagicSymbolSkylanders


Species: Viking Spirit
Gender: Male
Element: Magic
Role: Galaxy Warrior
World: Cloudbringer Galaxy
Appears in: Skylanders: Galaxy
English Voice Actor: Curtis Armstrong
Meditar is a Galaxy Warrior of the Magic element for Skylanders: Galaxy.


He is a green viking spirit who meditates by using space magic.


He used to be a magic elf viking who used a blade to defeat enemies but unfortunately, he was killed by an evil cowboy and became a one-eyed green spirit who now uses space magic to attack. He used space magic to attack all enemies and he did attack all enemies and the evil cowboy who killed him. Afterwards, Master Eon asked him to join the Skylanders.


He has a strong tuff personality.


  • Attack 1: Cosmic Ball - Press the primary attack button to shoot purple cosmic balls made of space magic.
  • Attack 2: Meditating Power - Press the secondary attack button to charge space energy and shoot a purple laser from his eye.
  • Attack 3: Helmet Charge - Press the tertiary attack button to headbutt enemies with your powerful horned viking helmet.


  • When going through an elemental gate: "Unlocked!"
  • When checking stats: "Am I buff enough?"
  • When chosen a good name: "Suitable for a viking."
  • When chosen a stupid name: "You can't call me that!"/When chosen an even stupider name: "I must put you on Santa's naughty list!"
  • When leveling up: "Super buff!"
  • When getting upgraded: "I'm world's strongest viking!"


  • He almost talks like a hybrid of Tree Rex from Skylanders: Giants and Dan from Dan VS.

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