AirSymbolSkylanders Mist Mage AirSymbolSkylanders

Mist Mage

Species: Air Mage
Gender: Male
Element: Air
Role: Skylander
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Trap Team
Attacks/Actions: Unknown
English Voice Actor: TBA

"Through the mist!" -Mist Mage's official catchphrase.


Once upon a time there was a air mage who was under an apprenticeship for the great Weather Wizard. Mist Mage was jealous of Weather Wizard's power, so one day when Weather Wizard was away, he decided to take a look at his spell book. He read and memorized almost all the spells and was just thinking of ways he could use them when he heard a crash outside the window. The village was getting attacked by cyclops'! Using his newly learned spells, he flew through the window and started to blow the cyclops' away. Eon heard of his great feat and made him a skylander for his bravery.

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