" holes are moles!"
-hole canonball's official catchphrase.

hole canonball

Species:mole bat




Element: life



Swap Force


No information

English Voice Actor: john dimaggo neil ross (commercials tom kenny (lost islands) matthew Lillard (flashback)

No information

Mole Machine is a Swap Force Skylander OC by AdamGregory03 (talk). His Swap Force power is digging.




This is a story of a mole who wasn't like the others. He actually hated getting dirty. Because of this, he was constantly teased and bullied by his fellow moles. In distress, he left his mole brotherin behind. But shortly after, he discovered an old Arkeyan drilling machine burried beneath the soil, and decided to put it to use. Though it didn't help much either, as the other moles were terrified of the mechanical monstrosity. Depressed yet again, the mole eventually returned to see hook-billed vultures preying on the other moles, and used his machine to fight them off, declaring him a hero to the moles.


Starting StatsEdit


  • Default Abilities:
  • Basic Upgrades:
  • Path 1 (Torso):
  • Path 2 (Torso):
  • Path 1 (Legs):
  • Path 2 (Legs):
  • Soul Gem Ability:

Swap Force NamesEdit

  • Hoot Machine/Mole Loop
  • Trap Machine/Mole Shadow
  • Magna Machine/Mole Charge
  • Spy Machine/Mole Rise
  • Stink Machine/Mole Bomb
  • Grilla Machine/Mole Drilla
  • Wash Machine/Mole Buckler
  • Freeze Machine/Mole Blade
  • Blast Machine/Mole Zone
  • Fire Machine/Mole Kraken
  • Mole Rouser/Rubble Machine
  • Mole Stone/Doom Machine
  • Free Machine/Mole Ranger
  • Boom Machine/Mole Jet
  • Night Machine/Mole Shift
  • Rattle Machine/Mole Shake


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