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"Ready, Flame, FIRE!"


Lava Monster


Molten Morph lived in a volcano on the border between Skylands and the The Outlands. Thanks to his Ninja training, he kept the volcano from erupting, till one day the volcano was influenced by Dark Magic, and poured lava on both Skylands and The Outlands. He called the Skylanders, and fixed Skylands, but not The Outlands. The Outlanders were furious, and swore thier revenge. Molten Morph became a Skylander so he and his team-mates would be prepared when the Outlanders attack, someday....


1: Flame Laser

2: Lava Blast

SOUL GEM: Teleport

Additional AttacksEdit

Multi-Laser Blast

Long Lasting Lava

Walking on Lava Heals You

Path 1Edit

Laser Gloves

Long Laser

Charge Laser

Path 2Edit

Lava Never Runs Out

Magma Balls

Trail of Lava