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Species: Goose
Gender: Male
Element: Air
Role: Skylander
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders Multiverse

Mongoose is a Jamaican goose with a passion for music.

His catchphrase is: The Goose is Loose!


Mongoose came from a line of geese who loved noise and music, however Mongoose was the most musical and optimistic of all the geese. That was until trolls came to capture and cook geese for Kaos's annual goose cooking parade. As Mongoose heard that his kind was going to be broiled and fried to a crisp, served with a side of salad, and some cola, he rushed outside, started playing his music that bothered Kaos and the trolls so much, they ran back to the castle, and never came back! Mongoose was a hero and Eon asked him to join the Skylanders!


Tune of the geese: Press the primary button play your clarinet, which lets off a high decibel musical notes that damage enemies.

Follow da leader, follow him!: Press and hold the secondary button to make enemies march behind you and become vulnerable to any attack, you can keep them behind you. Press the primary button while marching to let off a sound wave around you, damaging all marching behind you. You can make up to 4 enemies march.

Flight of da goose: Press third button to fly, which increases armor and speed.

Basic upgradesEdit

Time for da parade: Now you can make up to 7 enemies march behind you.

My ears!!!!!: Hold primary button to charge the clarinet, then release to blast off a large musical note that causes a big explosion if touched.

Bongo Bongo!: While flying press primary button, to drop to the ground and start playing bongos, which let off rapid sound waves.

Polished center: Clarinet does increased damage.

Clarinet crusade (Clarinet)Edit

E minor: Now when you play clarinet, it lets off more, stronger musical notes.

Soothing siren: Enemies are attracted to the notes and follow them around which also damages them more.

Angry notes: Notes may jump out of your knapsack and attack enemies.

Bremen Bird (Marching)Edit

Now that's a crowd!: Now you can make up to 10 enemies march with you.

I can't help it: When you can't take any more marchers, enemies in the open may start dancing and become vulnerable to attack.

Old timey: While marching, press third button to bring out a piano, then you start playing it, which makes enemies line dance, and after a while the piano explodes, greatly damaging enemies in a very large area.

Soulgem and wowpowEdit


Soft, yet hard: Armor is increased, which makes you harder to hit.


Dive bomb: While flying press secondary button, to dive bomb diagonally.



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