Biography Edit

Morph use to be a blob living on mars. One day he was lifted into space he was traveling for days when he finally got to skylands he had the ability to transform into many things. Eon then made morph a skylander after figuring out how strong he was.



Abilities Edit

Attack 1 Blob Ball- Press the Attack 1 button to shoot black blobs at enemies.

Attack 2: Transform- Press Attack 2 to turn into enemies

Upgradable Abillities Edit

Sticky Cyclone- Press Attack 3 to turn yourself into a blob cyclone

Blob Time- Blob Ball does increased damage

Stick to you- Now when you morph into enemies sticky stuff sticks on them.

Whirlstick Edit

Stick with you x2- Now sticky cyclone sticks with enemies

Stickynado- Cyclones turn into tornado

Stickcane- Hold attack 3 to make a powerful tornado of stickyness

Blob Time Edit

Thrill Chill- Hold attack 1 to make icy blobs

Heat can't be beat- now blobs make sticky explosionsof fire

dark- blobs open a portal of darkness

Soul Gem Edit

Boss of Bosses- Now you can morph into bosses.... besides Kaos

Gallery Edit

Morph toy form

Morph Toy Form

Morph and redhead

Morph and Redhead Twin Pack

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