Narbrawl is a narwhal who uses a hammer and horn to attack. Catchphrase: "Its The Drill Way!"


Narbrawl is a melee brawler who loved to compete in any tournament, he was a world wide champion who was able to protect cities and citizens. As soon as trouble began, Narbrawl brought out his trusty shell hammer, and bashed some baddies. Though oil drilling trolls destroyed and polluted part of his kingdom, along with Wham Shell. So they both teamed up to deliver the pain to trolls. As both were finished they quickly became friends and Eon asked both to join the skylanders, Wham Shell agreed, however Narbrawl disagreed. Eon understood that Narbrawl wanted to go his own way for a while. But then to this very day, he has decided to join the skylanders!


Whammah hammah: Press primary button to swing your trusty hammer, you can also perform a combo.

Narwhal charge: Hold secondary button to charge forward, pointing your horn towards the front.

Hammering: Press third button to throw your hammer forward that quickly comes back to you.

Basic upgradesEdit

Hammah slammah: Hold primary button slam your hammer on the ground, doing damage and causing a shock wave.

Pointy pointy: While charging, press primary button jump in the air, then jabbing your horn into the ground, causing damage and you may need to pull your horn out of the ground for 1.5 seconds.

Flipper speedster: Speed is increased, see just because you don't have legs, doesn't mean you can't run.

Wider hammer: Boomerang hammer is now larger and does more damage.

Hammah Kabbamah! (Hammer attacks)Edit

Shell ouchies: All hammer attacks do increased damage.

Shell razor combos: Press primary, primary, secondary for hammer flip, and press primary, primary, third for hammer twirl.

Hammerabi: Each enemy hit with any hammer attack takes an extra 15 damage for karma!

Big, bad, horn (Charging)Edit

Torpedo shaped: Charging does more damage, faster, and blue fire damages anything behind you.

Shell shocked armor: Now your body is protected by shells which make you harder to hit.

Pressure: Enemies begin to be slowly sucked in near you taking damage and charge lasts longer.

Soul Gem and WowpowEdit

Soul gem: Narbuddy: A mini narwhal buddy follows you around and attacks enemies.

Wowpow: Brave warrior: Attacks do slightly more damage the less health you have.


Which path do you want?

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