"Limitles power!"

Necro grew up with his family on a small skyland called Gateway, because it was the most popular place to go to the underworld. One day his family mysteriously vanished, and his uncle, Kaos, took him in, in the underworld. He was trained in dark and forbidden magic until Necro found out his uncle turned his family into his own minions, and they fought, but in the end Kaos won. Necro ran away and found Eon and told him about Kaos, then he joined the skylanders.


An undead elven male mage


Lightning-launch dark lightning/Bone-summon a bone to hit enemies/Levitate-when in air go faster and have more armor.

Spell book-change your 1 attack


Invisible-turn invisible, losing health over time

Are we on the same page?-change spell faster

Chaotic Kaos: extra spell, summon kaos's head that screams.

Path A: Sorcorrer

Eternal Strength-spells last longer and are stronger

What book?-hold 1 to throw book, changes fastest

Elemental spell: can acces any gate and always gains element bonus

Path B: Infiltrator



Dramatic entrance-When invisiblity wears off, stuns enemies around him

Invisible heart-lose less health

Better to not be seen- stays invisible longer an can attack while invisible


Has a black cloak and a mask that glows on his eyes and mouth. glow color changes depending on what spell is active. invisibility when in story mode has him all white. spell book is brown and old.

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